Wellness Centre

Our Vitality World offers one of the widest ranges of relaxation procedures in the Czech Republic.

Its unique effect and enjoyment is the result of harmonizing all of the procedures, making your stay at Vitality World a complete experience.

It is also possible to rent out the entire premises of Vitality World for closed company functions, thereby ensuring total privacy.

Beautiful mosaic interiors and lighting effects, pleasant colours and music, brilliant use of space and excellent heating are some of the features that will definitely appeal to you.

Kneippova koupel Whirlpool Whirlpool Kneippova koupel Kneippova koupel Pitná voda Letní déšť, Turbosprchy Letní déšť Tepidárium Tepidárium Římská pára Solná inhalace Bylinková inhalace Sluneční louka Recepce - Vitální svět Privátní whirlpool Privátní whirlpool Privátní whirlpool

Each guest receives a sheet upon arrival at the wellness centre; there is a locker room with lockable cabinets at the guest's disposal, toilets, hairdryers and separate showers, which are separate for each client. Swimsuits are not permitted when entering Vitality World.

Simple and concise instructions are available for each of the procedures, in order to ensure their maximum effectiveness. Our well- trained staff is also available.

In order to ensure peaceful relaxation, children are not allowed during regular operating hours. Children 12 years and older are allowed only if accompanied by parents, and only during the days designated for that purpose. Children from 3-12 years accompanied by parents can visit us every Saturday from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

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