Prices in CZK


Tasting menu

Aperitiv – 0,1 Prosecco

Goat cheese on rocket with marinated beetroot, pumpkin seeds and toast (1,3,7)     

Coconut soup with shrimp and baby corn (2,8,9)                

Chicken breast in plum sauce and rustic mashed potatoes  (9)

Homemade tagliatelle with pieces of pork tenderloin served in a creamy bazil sauce with a thick glaze, dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese  (1,3,7,8,9)   

Beef miniburger in a homemade almoud toast, bacon, cheddar, onion relish,

tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise, homemade french fries and tartar sauce (1,3,7,10,11)


Price      650,-

Seasonal - Autumn menu


40g  Salmon Gravlax marinated in red beet with cucumber Juliáne and coprout dill fraiche, toast (1,4,7)   135,-


0,2l  Mushroom cappuccino with milk foam and truffle oil    (7,9)   70,-

Main Meal

140g Roasted salmon fillet with black crust, sweet potatoes, mayonnaise dip with onion   (3,4,7,11)   240,-

180g Grilled chicken breast on butter gnocchi with roasted mushrooms on sage and baby spinach (1,3)   205,-

180g Pork tenderloin on pear puree, roasted herb potatoes (7)   245,-

400g Homemade semolina spaghetti with parma ham, onion, walnuts and cream (1,3,7,8)   185,-

400g Romaine salad with caesar dressing, chicken breast, croutons and parmesan   (1,3,4,7)   180,-

400g Italian creamy risotto with Red curi pumpkin and blue goat cheese, pumpky seeds   205,-                       


Spelt flour pumpkin pancakes with walnuts in homemade caramel, gnocchi sour cream (1,3,7,8)   80,-



80g Beef tartare, onion, garlic, bread or toast     (1,3,6,10)   200,-

40g Argentinian beef Carpaccio, virgin olive oil, flake salt, rocket, parmesan cheese and toast (1,3,7)   120,-

50g Salad with rocket, marinated beetroot, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and toast  (1,3,7)   120,-                      


3,5 dcl Chicken soup with noodles   (1,3,9)   65,-

0,5l/1l Pho-bo with thinly sliced beef (4,6,9)   120,-/190,-

0,5l/1l Thai red chicken curry  (4,8,9)   110,-/170,-

0,5l/1l Coconut with shrimp and baby corn (2,8,9)   120,-/190,-

Main Course

200g Irish  beef steak with bacon chips, roasted potatoes with pepper, garlic, leek and olives, cognac sauce and green pepper   (7,9)   510,-

180g Pork tenderloin on a mushroom ragout with cream, and herb roasted potatoes (7,9)   245,-

180g Chicken breast in plum sauce and rustic mashed potatoes  (9)   205,-

140g Grilled salmon on garlic sauteed spinach, mashed potato    (4,7,9)   240,-

140g Perch filet on beans with dill, cheese croquettes with a lemon dip  (1,3,4,7)   230,-       

150g Beef burger in a homemade bun with roasted bacon, cheddar, onion relish, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise, homemade french fries and tartar sauce   (1,3,7,10,11)   220,-

180g Chicken burger in a homemade bun, camembert, roasted bacon, onion relish, tomato, pickles, salad, mayonnaise, homemade french fries and tartar sauce (1,3,7,10,11)   210,-

120g  Homemade gluten-free sunflower bun (3,7,11)   50,-

50 g  Almond toast    (8,3)   30,-      


400g Rissoto with chicken breast and green peas, and parmesan cheese ( 7,9)   215,-                                     

400g Basil Risoto with sun dried tomatoes and black olives, with parmesan cheese (7,8,9)   180,-

Homemade pasta

350g  Spaghetti with chicken breast and gorgonzola served with a creamy sauce, dried tomatoes, and parmesan cheese  ( 1,3,7)   185,-

350g  Spaghetti with salmon with carbonara sauce, green asparagus, chilli, and parmesan cheese   (1,3,4,7)   215,-

400g  Tagliatelle with pieces of chicken breast and garlic sauteed spinach, parmesan cheese  (1,3,7,9)   180,-

400g  Tagliatelle with pork tenderloin served in a creamy bazil sauce with a thick glaze, dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese    (1,3,7,8,9)   210,-


280g Mixed salad with goat cheese, poached pear in red wine, walnuts, and balsamic vinegar (7,8)   185,-

280g Chopped salad with roast beef, pickled roasted vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and a honey and coarse mustard dip  (7,10)   200,-

280g Mixed salad with pork tenderloin, roasted mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes and a walnut mayonnaise   (3,8)   185,-

300g Eggplant lasagne with cheddar and grilled tomatoes, parmesan cheese, lettuce and tomatoes (7)   180,-

150g Fresh vegetable salad with extra virgin oil   60,- 

80g Chopped leaves with grilled pickled vegetables, and a honey-mustard dip. (10)   60,-

130g Baked homemade bread roll with butter   (1,3,7,11)   15,-

45g Toast  (1)   10,-                                                                              


Italian raspberry tiramisu (1,3,7)   80,-

Chocolate burger with a date and cashew pancake, mascarpone cream, and raspberry coulis (1,3,7,8)   90,-

Cottage pancakes with wild berries and vanilla ice cream (1,3,7)   80,-

Pistachio ice cream and Greek yogurt, served with honey, crushed pistachios and raspberries  (7,8)   80,-

Variety of sorbets - homemade mint, lemon and blackcurrant   60,-        

Sugar-free dessert - ask what is available.

Labeled meals are gluten-free.

We will adapt the offer in our menu to your wishes upon request. We can also prepare gluten-free pasta (rice pasta).


Soft drinks

0,33l    Coca-Cola / light   40,-

0,33l    Sprite   40,-

0,33l    Fanta   40,-

0,25l    Kinley Tonic (water, ginger)   40,-                        

0,25l    Cappy juice   40,-

0,33l    Bottled Kofola   40,-

0,25l    Bonaqua (still/ lightly sparkling)   25,-

1,00l    Tap water with lemon   35,-

0,50l    Tap water with lemon   25,-

0,20l    Fresh juice   65,-

Piacetto Coffee

7g        Espresso   45,-

7g        Espresso lungo   45,-

14g      Espresso doppio   65,-

7g        Espresso macchiato   55,-

7g        Caffé latte   55,-

7g        Cappuccino   50,-

7g        Cappuccino „Relax”   55,-

7g         Flat white   75,-

7g        Iced Coffee   65,-

7g        Turkish Coffee   40,-

7g        Vienna Coffee   50,-

7g        Irish Coffee   65,-

7g        Algerian Coffee   65,-

7g        Fitness Coffee   40,-

7g        Decaffinated Coffee (lungo, cappuccino, café latte)   50,-

7g        Caffé frappé   55,- 

Hot Drinks

25g      Herb tea from Beskydy mountains   50,-

25g      Pure tea - black, fruit, green   40,-

0,5l      Fresh mint tea   55,-

0,5l      Fresh ginger tea   55,-

0,5l      Fresh mint and ginger tea   55,-

7g        Hot Chocolate Giallo – milk/white/dark   45,-

60g      Baked tea   50,-


0,5l      Pilsner Urquell 12° draft beer   45,-

0,3l      Pilsner Urquell 12° draft beer   35,-

0,5l      Radegast 12° draft beer   40,-        

0,3l      Radegast 12° draft beer   25,-

0,5l      Krombacher non-alcoholic yeast bottled beer   45,-

0,5l      Krombacher alcoholic yeast bottled beer   50,-

0,3L     Krombacher alcoholic Dark 11o   30,-                                                                                                     

0,5l      Birell non-alcoholic bottled beer (light or semi-dark beer)   35,-

0,3l      Birell non-alcoholic bottled beer (light, semi-dark or fruity beer)   25,-

Aperitif Alcoholic / non-alcoholic

0,1l      Martini (white, dry, rose)   65,-

0,1l      Campari   65,-

0,1l      Cinzano Bianco   50,-

0,1l      Crodino   50,-                           


0,04l    Russian Standard   60,-

0,04l    Vodka of Finland   60,-

0,04l    Slivovice bílá Jelínek   70,-

0,04l    Slivovice Kosher   80,-

0,04l    Beefeater Gin   60,-

0,04l    Bombay Gin   60,-

0,04l    Metaxa 5*   80,-

0,04l    Hruškovice 50%   70,-

0,04l    Hruškovice Pircher 40%   80,-


0,04l  Don Papa   85,-

0,04l  Capitan Bucanero   70,-

0,04l  Zacapa 23years 40%   135,-

0,04l  Plantantion 20Ann.XO 40%   125,-

0,04l  Bacardi 8yo 40%   100,-

0,04l  El Dorado 12yo 40%   100,-

0,04l  Havana Maestros 45%   125,-

0,04l  A.H.Riise 55%   125,-

0,04l  Diplomatico Reserva Ex.   100,-

0,04l  Pyrat XO Reserve   100,-

0,04l  Republica Božkov 38%   80,-

0,04l  Havana Club 7 Aňos el Ron de Cuba   110,-

0,04l  Bartida Tuzemák 37,5%   80,-      

Drinks in this restaurant may contain traces of allergens. More information at the bar.

Sparkling Wine

0,75l    Bohemia demi sec   280,-

0,75l    Bohemia non-alcoholic   280,-

0,75l/0,1l Prosecco Bottle/Glass   280,-/45,-

0,75l   Prosecco Mionetto   310,-

Wine List

Moravian Wines -  wine grower Mr. KUBÍK

0,1l      Chardonnay – Dry white wine   25,-                      

0,1l      Merlot – Dry red wine   25,-

0,2l      Mulled Wine   55,-


Hugo drink   80,-

Campari orange   80,-

Cuba libre   80,-

Aperol spritz   85,-

Caipirinha   75,-   

Mojito (nealko/alko)   60,-/75,-             


0,04l    JamesonIrish   75,-

0,04l    TullamoreDew   75,-


0,04l    Jack Daniels   80,-

0,04l    FourRoses   65,-


0,04l    Jägermeister   65,-

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Enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee on our inviting outdoor terrace, which is connected to our beautiful children's playground.

We can prepare your meals upon request and you can take them with you in a food container.

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