Why visit us?

Our relaxation centre takes pride in professionalism with outstanding service, individual approach, a friendly atmosphere and a variety of services offered which are not available elsewhere in our region. We emphasise maximizing the effects of relaxation.

Services provided:

  • Non-smoking throughout the whole premises
  • Air-conditioning throughout the entire premises
  • Wheel chair accessibility throughout the whole complex
  • Outdoor terrace with children’s playground
  • Monitored parking and availability of bus parking
  • Pleasant staff offering superb service
  • Print outs of commercial contracts or other documentation to suit our guests’ needs
  • Kids Corner
  • Reservations available for family gatherings or business meetings
  • Option to cover the charges through FKSP
  • Chip system
  • Relaxing music to compliment the overall atmosphere
  • Conference equipment, projection, TV, WIFI
whirlpool Recepce ve wellness Budova Relaxu Fitness Restaurace

The complex is equipped using modern service technology (Jacuzzi cleaning system, insulation to prevent steam condensation, chip system ...).

Separate showers for everyone are only one of the many ways how we strive to ensure ultimate privacy.

The Relax Centre is located in close proximity to the indoor swimming pool, football pitch, track, skating arena and the outdoor swimming pool.

We are the only ones in the region to offer the possibility of exercising on the terrace out in the fresh air.

If required, it is possible to book accommodation in a nearby hotel or guest-house.

Gift certificates

Give your loved ones the gift of exercise, comfort, relaxation and healthy food and you can't go wrong!

  • Buy gift certificates and avoid the worry and embarrassment of buying the wrong gift.
  • Gift certificates can be personalized. You can attach a photo of the recipient. This way, the receiving party does not feel like they obtained a "last minute gift ".
  • The recipient has the option of choosing from any of the services we offer.
  • Surprise those who only dream of or talk about the active way of life!
  • Gift certificates are valid for 6 months

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